The Science of Team Engagement

Automated introductions between team members


Our purpose is to help people grow their professional networks by enabling meaningful warm introductions.


Companies and Business Units

Directly increase company collaboration & employee retention by connecting your employees one-on-one. Xpertly pairs up employees at least once a month for a video/coffee chat.

  • Increase organizational transparency
  • Break down organizational silos
  • Let employees find mentors & friends
  • Promote diversity & inclusion in your team
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University Alumni & Students

Universities understand how networking can make careers. With Xpertly, alumni and students are autonomously introduced to each other regularly.

  • Increase networking opportunities for your alumni
  • Make your school's network stronger
  • Help alums hire other alums
  • Increased participation results in increased donations
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Professional Organizations

Improve engagement in your organization by enabling serendipitous meetings between your members. Xpertly sends one-on-one introductions between members each month.

  • Keep members engaged outside of events
  • Increase cross collaboration
  • Automate organization engagement
  • Build a community
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