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Non-Silo Mentality

Non-Silo Mentality I am totally missed about writing something, not to write an email, life status, input forms or coding. I just want to write. Writing today is about being a silo person. What is silo? and why do i need to bother? So, i got a feedback that I have silo personality. Not one person […]

Destroying Workplace Silos: The First Step to Ultimate Collaboration

The Silo Mentality has definitely had its day in the sun. But, it is my sincere hope that the sun is setting on such an antiquated business model. The idea of “yours” vs. “mine” in terms of information, best practices, accounts or prospects seems counter-productive in the workplace. Silos discourage communication and collaboration among teams. Furthermore, they […]

How to Improve Your Networking Skills

Networking is a really scary thing for many people. The idea of talking to strangers can be really daunting. But it is very useful for you to learn to enjoy it as there is always something you can learn from others. No matter how smart or talented you are as an individual, you can’t or […]

Millennials In the Workforce

According to Time Magazine, there are about 80 million millennials in the United States, and nearly half of them are already in the workforce. According to Forbes Magazine, Millennials are both “culturally diverse and the most educated generation” and “disreputable job hoppers who dislike administration and distrust traditional hierarchies” Given this, it’s important for all […]

Mentoring: A Way to Break Down Hierarchal Structures in the Workplace

The world is moving faster than it ever has before and the need to keep up is becoming more and more important. Despite what some people might think, no one is bigger than change and if you want to stay relevant and employable, well you need to do more than just keep up! Mentoring is an […]

A Chat with Emad Hasan

For many of us, the mere thought of approaching a stranger and asking for career help is enough to make us want to hide under the covers and not get out of bed for the next week.  And then there are people like Emad Hasan, founder of Xpertly, who is focusing his efforts on taking […]

What I learned from running an unfunded startup for six months

It was six months ago that I posted about my first day as a startup founder. A lot has changed since then: the idea we picked has evolved, the original team has changed and the city I call home is now Santa Monica. The good news is we have a beta version of a product, […]

What the first day after leaving Facebook feels like

This is a picture of what my home office looks like at 6 AM on day one of the start up 11 years after graduating from my undergrad I have finally decided to take the path less taken. Yesterday was the last day of my dream job at Facebook. The last day felt pretty sad because […]

What is Xpertly?

If you are wondering what Xpertly is and why we exist, this post will explain the details. Yes, you should try it.   Why: A large part of your career trajectory is dependant on your network both inside and outside your current company. But growing your professional network is painful (finding people, attending events, etc). Working […]

Should you separate your personal and professional lives on social networking sites?

Unsurprisingly perhaps, social networking sites suffer from our desire to categorize everything in our life. Thus it is common for people to automatically see LinkedIn as a business only network and Facebook as a personal site. Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest perhaps lie somewhere in the middle. But how appropriate is such pigeon-holing? Have the […]

Networking as a College Student 🎓 : How to Give and Receive

Photo: Chris-Håvard Berge, Flickr Networking is empowering. You’re able to help yourself while also helping others. You can learn so much and meet fascinating people. As a graduating senior, I’ve been told networking can help me find a job. But I began networking before I was looking for a job, and I think everyone should. […]

No, you don’t always need to get a job as soon as possible ⛅

When people talk about their work they most often say that they fell into what they are doing now. If their working life were a car, they hopped in, started driving and made decisions about where to go with limited information, just ending up somewhere. Now they’re low on gas, and aren’t sure about which […]

Building Your Business: Networking

If you’ve spent any time networking, then this scene is familiar. A group of people, mostly strangers, gather together to hear about one another’s businesses. Many times, there’s an exchanging of business cards and great conversation. Other times, there is even a sale made (usually after several times meeting the same people, that is). Sometimes, […]

The Search №4: How to Network — A.k.a Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

  Fun fact. I’m only two degrees from Kevin Bacon. Everyone says, to get a job you must network. Why? Why do people want you to dress up in a sweaty suit and shake hands with strangers at events you would never go to otherwise? For those of you who are uninitiated, Kevin Bacon is an […]

Stop networking. This is better.

  As an introvert, the idea of networking is about as appealing as getting a root canal. In fact, a root canal would be better because I wouldn’t have to talk to anyone. Superficial chit-chat, the sense of being sized up and evaluated, and the weird transactional feeling that I’ve experienced at networking events is […]

15 Simple Tips For Networking Your Way to Career Success

In January, Forbes contributor and fellow YEC member Michael Simmons uncovered the number 1 predictor of career success. According to network science, the predictor is that you must be in an open network. He points to Steve Jobs as one of the most networked entrepreneurs in history. While this is great news for extroverts, it’s clear […]

The Science of Networking – Getting Ahead by Giving

I have found it fascinating to hear different perspectives on networking. Someone told me using Facebook is networking. Some said being an extrovert, friendly, social and a having a great sense of humor makes you a great networker. A sales guy told me it is all about selling and purely about expanding business or getting […]

How I Was Able to Conquer My Shyness and Dominate Networking

I am a self-proclaimed introvert. I say self-proclaimed because most people don’t believe me anymore. But, it’s true! I am unsure if it has anything to do with growing up an only child but I’ve always been a pretty quiet person. I am one to observe my surroundings and the behaviors of others before engaging. […]

3 reasons to care about workplace diversity and inclusion

1. Diverse teams are not only more creative and engaged, but also more fun. Seriously. This is partly an unscientific observation from the founders of Xpertly, who have 30+ years of combined experience, but we have also heard this time and again from our cohorts. For the curious mind, interacting with people from different backgrounds […]

How Xpertly empowers professionals

Last time, I talked about the mentoring program I helped launch at my last startup and how it inspired me to create a similar program for working professionals. This time I would like to share with you some of the highlights as I go about planning and developing my own career advising program. Over the […]

What we learned from talking to hundreds of users

Over the last few weeks we have chatted with more than 50 mentors and mentees to gather insights about their experiences with mentoring. To find mentors and mentees, we went back to our alumni network at UCLA. We asked them about their mentoring experience, how they went about finding mentees and mentors, what went well […]

Of Caesar Salads and Career Mentors

“I’ve been in the same job for over 10 years, and I really need help updating my resume. I can’t ask anyone in my company for tips because I’m afraid they’d realize I’m looking to leave! How do I find someone who can help?”- Female, 33, finance professional”   “I accepted a new job offer […]

How Xpertly Started

Welcome to Xpertly! I hope you enjoy visiting our site and get to learn a little bit about our team and mission.   The story of Xpertly began in a startup I did out of business school. After getting my MBA, I moved back to SF to work at a media startup Adaptv. At Adap […]

Day one of a start up

11 years after graduating from my undergrad I have finally decided to take the path less taken. Yesterday was the last day of my dream job at Facebook. The last day felt pretty sad because I have made so many great friends and knowing that I was no longer going to see them on a […]