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11 years after graduating from my undergrad I have finally decided to take the path less taken. Yesterday was the last day of my dream job at Facebook. The last day felt pretty sad because I have made so many great friends and knowing that I was no longer going to see them on a daily basis to solve some really challenging problems fell pretty hard. In the almost 2 years I worked at Facebook I learned a lot, traveled around the world, worked with some of the smartest people but most importantly tried a lot of things that I would have tried at my start up. It turned out to be an amazing and very forgiving learning round. What I did at Facebook was a culmination of 11 years of training for this day, start of day one.

So what do you do on your first day of a start up. Luckily a lot of the work has already been done that helps us figure out the answer to that question. As pre-work to the first day there are a lot of things that were done. I will probably write another post at some point about all the pre-work that was done, but here is a quick summary: The first most important task was to find a team, and not only find a team but one that is passionate about an idea, interested in working on it, and feel so compelled about it that they quit their day job to do this. What I did not want was to join forces with just anybody who did not have a job and wanted to figure out what to do next in their life. So finally I found two friends from business school Calvin and Nitya who both feel passionate about solving an unmet need that they have decided to jump in with me and lunch an idea. This process took me about four months, where we found the right team and figured out an unmet need in the world that we were going to dedicate at least the next few months of our life for. There were many people who helped me along this journey of finding the team and the problems. More about them later.

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