How Xpertly empowers professionals


Last time, I talked about the mentoring program I helped launch at my last startup and how it inspired me to create a similar program for working professionals. This time I would like to share with you some of the highlights as I go about planning and developing my own career advising program.

Over the last two months, my team has spoken with over 200 recruiters, companies, and working professionals, and I was blessed to get to sit down and listen to many people’s stories. Many of them found themselves in very challenging situations both professionally and personally. Some of them were going through difficult divorces and were looking to relocate to a new place so they could start a new life. Some got let go due to company re-orgs and were looking to make career transitions. Others were trying to develop new skill sets so they could go into a new industry and explore emerging opportunities. Yet as different as those cases might seem, one thing is certain – many of these folks are hoping to make smart career decisions so they can move forward, and they all wish to have a stronger support system that they can tap into for advice.

As such my team hopes to fill the void by connecting individuals and enabling them to build a stronger support system so they can navigate through the challenges they come across. More importantly, we hope to make it easier for individuals to share experiences, insights and opportunities so everyone can develop proper perspectives to deal with their challenges and have a chance to get ahead regardless of where they come from and what circumstances they find themselves in. Xpertly is born based on this premise: we create a vetted network and make it super easy for people to connect. We apply machine learning to help facilitate connections and introductions based on people’s background and preferences. With our technology, everyone will have access to career experts and advisors on demand to help them make thoughtful professional decisions and career choices.

I encourage you all to join our network and try it out. After all, we are stronger together than apart.

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