How Xpertly Started

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Welcome to Xpertly! I hope you enjoy visiting our site and get to learn a little bit about our team and mission.


The story of Xpertly began in a startup I did out of business school. After getting my MBA, I moved back to SF to work at a media startup Adaptv. At Adap (which is how people called our company), I met a group of incredible young talents eager to give back to the community and inspire the next generation of leaders. We were especially interested in empowering those underprivileged students whose limited access to resources might have otherwise hindered their ability to thrive as individuals. With the approval of our then CEO (Thank you Amir!), we launched a mentoring program SUP (Standup Program) in summer 2014.


Through SUP, we created partnerships with local charter schools in SF and NYC (our two office locations in US) and invited them to send us a group of vetted high school students. Working with those students once a month throughout the academic year, my colleagues (ranging from engineers to PM’s up to senior VP’s) prepared and delivered job training and startup workshops. We divided students into teams, paired each team with our engineering and business talents and resources and helped the teams develop and turn their ideas into actual products. The program culminated in presentation (a.k.a. demo day) given by the teams at the end of the school year.


I had the honor to mentor one of the student teams in our pilot season. Our first year was by no means smooth sailing, as my colleagues and I often had to scramble/ struggle to find speakers, mentors and office space on one hand, and trying to keep students engaged and moving forward on the other. Nevertheless, the enthusiasm of everyone on our team has helped us power through, and in the process I learned the power of mentoring and the incredible possibilities that one can achieve if given the right guidance. In my case, I felt most appreciated when my students managed to turn a photo sharing and storytelling idea into a product plan, picked up coding on their own to get the product successfully built within a tight deadline and generated much buzz/ questions/ feedback/ responses from the audience on the demo day. Perhaps most important of all, I was thrilled to see my mentees get into good colleges where they could continue to explore and develop their entrepreneurial talents.


Such is the story of Xpertly, and thanks to my incredible team at Adap (special thanks to Sean, Kasia, Elisa and many others), we pulled off the pilot season! Now modeling after the program, my business school classmates and I have come together to create a similar program to help professionals connect with one another and to facilitate conversations that could help advance their careers. Who knows, maybe one of our professionals could be the next Zuck some day 😉



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