What is Xpertly?


If you are wondering what Xpertly is and why we exist, this post will explain the details. Yes, you should try it.  

Why: A large part of your career trajectory is dependant on your network both inside and outside your current company. But growing your professional network is painful (finding people, attending events, etc). Working professionals should always be connecting, especially when not looking for a job. Dig your well before you are thirsty!

What we do: We make meeting other interesting professionals easy. Sign up, tell us the kind of professionals you like meeting and how often. Let us do the hard work of finding people and sending you warm introductions. Our algorithms make sure you continue to meet high-caliber professionals think least once a month.

We also have other products (a) Alumni Networking (b) Intra-company networking (c) Recruiting (d) and Diversity measurement. I will share more on this in future posts.

How you can help

You can help in multiple ways (even if you are not a big fan of serendipitous networking)

  • If this is something you are interested in, please visit the relevant link and sign up: (a) Startup/Business Networking, (b) UCLA Anderson Alumni Networking, (c) California Attorney Networking, or (d) All others.
  • Not ready to sign up, not a problem.  Just take a look at the main site (http://xpertly.co) and provide feedback on (1) idea (2) design (3) suggestion on how we can improve and reach more people. (only ask is that you are direct and honest, my team and I have really thick skin). You can email me at emad [a-t] xpertly.co or leave a comment below.
  • Help share our the startup with your friends by re-sharing this post.

Time to get focused and get back to building Xpertly.

About the author: Emad Hasan is the CEO and Founder of Xpertly

Xpertly is a new service that makes networking easy and painless. It periodically sends curated introductions between you and other high caliber professionals in your field. This makes sure that you end up meeting the right people and helps you make a habit out of networking.


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