3 reasons to care about workplace diversity and inclusion

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1. Diverse teams are not only more creative and engaged, but also more fun. Seriously.
This is partly an unscientific observation from the founders of Xpertly, who have 30+ years of combined experience, but we have also heard this time and again from our cohorts. For the curious mind, interacting with people from different backgrounds and different life experiences can be a very fun source of learning.

2. Diverse teams are better for business
Think about it – if your product serves women, wouldn’t you want women designing it? If your market is global, wouldn’t it be better if your team were diverse and culturally sensitive when dealing with international partners and customers? In fact, a 2015 McKinsey analysis found that companies with diverse workforce perform better financially by improving customer orientation, employee satisfaction, innovation and decision making.

Since most of us understand the logic behind diversifying our stock portfolios, I’ll leverage the analogy and compare customers to stocks. Customers being human, and human beings often being irrational and volatile (like the markets), it makes a lot of sense to have diverse employees in your team who can work with different types of customers.

3. In a few decades, there won’t be any racial or ethnic majority in the US
If we don’t learn to work with diverse individuals today, how will workplaces look in the future? Each one of us today, whether we identify as a minority or not, needs to be able to successfully engage with coworkers who many not share anything in common with us. To be a truly global company or citizen or society, we need to not just tolerate differences but actually understand and embrace it.

We at Xpertly hope to make diversity and inclusion a little easier by introducing professionals to people outside their existing circles. We hope you join us.

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