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  • Commitment to one 15-min conversation a month
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  • Give more than you take attitude
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  • You are part of 0.4% of the Population Admitted to the California Bar. Meet others who belong to that community
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What members are saying about Xpertly

“Xpertly connected me with someone I wouldn’t have naturally met in my own networking.”

Jenna Marketing Manager at Instagram

“Xpertly is my go to networking tool, it gives me access to a highly engaged high quality network. The connections I’ve made are propelling my career forward.”

Jenny Account Executive at Trepoint

“My advisee has been great to chat with and super responsive and respectful. Good job defining what we want and where I can be helpful.”

Varun Product Manager at Uber

“I’ve tried many such networks and Xpertly is different. These are some of the best professional connections I’ve made using an online platform.”

Otávio Product Manager at Avant

“Peer mentoring [and networking] is grossly underutilized and the scope for Xpertly is tremendous. All the (matched) profiles were amazing.”

Karthik Business Analyst at Morgan Stanley

“There’s certainly a need for this — both for students & people in various stages of their career.”

David Founder at DayWon

Xpertly takes the pain out of networking

Networking has never been easier. Xpertly will send you an email on every third Monday showing you who you might be matched with, and on Tuesday send you a warm introduction.

  • Fast - You no longer have to find events or look up the people who you think you’d have a great chat with
  • Efficient - No need to rely on friends to craft intro emails
  • Makes networking a habit - Meet a new person every few weeks based on a rhythm
  • Structured - Those networking events can be pretty awkward, we provide a structure to your conversation by suggesting topics
  • Perfect Match Everytime - Our machine learning algorithm matches you with your best match, every time
  • You Decide - You choose if you want to skip that week's introduction and get a preview of the introduction email before they are sent
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Engaged connections

Active and engaged users is the key to any platform. Xpertly's differentiated networking platform does exactly that; it ensures connections are active, engaged, and even more fundamentally, not random. Each match you receive is driven by a scoring mechanism tailored to your career stage and profile


Xpertly's connection infrastructure takes the guesswork out of networking.  With introductions sent on your behalf to connections , you save time so you can focus on preparing for the content of your meet-up.  Each email is crafted using proven introduction language at a frequency you choose.

Consistent growth

Grow your active network. 85% of new jobs are found through networking.  On average, active "Xpertlies" grow their active connections by 20 persons per year.  That means 20 more open doors, 20 more opportunities for a greater network effect, and greater opportunity for building useful professional networks.

Considering a career switch?


Ongoing networking is the single most powerful means of successful career management and is by far, the most successful job search strategy


95% of the total talent market changes jobs either through networking or promotions

Passively networking can lead to the best career outcomes. According to Inc magazine, a friendship with someone who would be a peer in the new organization is your best chance at landing a role in that organization. By networking, you can uncover jobs and opportunities that will never be posted

How do people get jobs?


Our Mission

Our purpose is to help people grow their professional networks by enabling meaningful professional introductions no matter what stage of career they are in.


Recent Graduate

The world is before you, and as exciting as that is, it can be also a bit overwhelming. Seeking and finding the right career mentorship is about knowing what you want as it is discovering what you might not know, and then, identifying the right professional in the right market space. How does one network? How does one gain the warm introductions they need to make that next step?  Xpertly takes the guesswork out of effective networking. Through Xpertly's AI platform, you will be matched and then immediately given warm introductions to a targeted set of career mentors so you can step out into the world in confidence.

Mid-Career Professional

A career is a journey, and how to navigate through its twists and turns is both an art and a science.  Whether you're already in transition from a job, looking to make a larger career change, or keen to share learned insights in a trusted networks through our IA platform through a well-matched system, with 1x1 high-value connections, smart and strategic networking and career mentoring can be the key to finding a job and building the right next step in your career path.   Through Xpertly's AI platform, you will be matched and then immediately given warm introductions to a targeted set of career mentors so you can step out into the world in confidence.

Experienced Professional

Mentorship happens at all levels and all levels of experiences, and the sum of that body of knowledge empowers each of us to be more successful, when we share openly and with good intention. For executives looking for great talent, Xpertly. Staying up to date on where academia is, and they know broader cutting edge stuff, enables senior people to have an ear out for that.  Xpertly's proprietary AI platform, connects and builds those relationships for you so you have a constant and engaged network of connections so you can meet regularly, build active networks and grow.