Diversity & Inclusion


Promote Diversity Collaboration

For organizations looking to foster diversity and inclusion, Xpertly's product can help setup cross-demographic networking within your teams so that people get to know each other personally and develop a fun, inclusive and collaborative environment.

  • Easy to set up for your organization by either using your domain email alias or list of team member emails
  • Members are optionally asked to provide demographic information
  • Our algorithms do the magic and introduce team members to each other

Measure Inclusion Scores

Each month Xperlty's product will produce a diversity and inclusion score on a scale of 0-5 showing you how your teams are doing. This score is always aggregated to protect the privacy of your team members while still allowing executives to measure inclusion effectiveness.

  • Reports delivered automatically to your inbox each month with links to interactive dashboards
  • Dashboards set up to measure the progress of your company's inclusion program
  • Correlation matrix to show how different demographics interact with each other