1. Who can apply to Xpertly?
    Anyone can apply to Xpertly but we are only able to accept a small set of applicants right now. We have received applications from fresh college graduates, young professionals, people returning to the workforce after a life event, career transitioners, veterans, managers, entrepreneurs and executives.We approve applicants based on the profiles, backgrounds and the current member composition.
  2. Who is an advisor?
    At Xpertly an advisor could be someone who has a few years of experiences in your field of interest and has offered to share his / her insights or perspectives.
  3. Who is an advisee?
    An advisee is someone who is seeking to connect with our network members for career insights.
  4. Can I be an advisor as well as an advisee?
    Absolutely. We believe that everyone can benefit from professional connections at any point in their career.
  5. Do I need to belong to a certain industry or job function?
    At the moment we are focused on the tech industry (engineering as well as business professionals) and law professionals. However, we do plan to expand our services to other industries.
  6. What is the time commitment?
    Xpertly is a flexible program and anyone can commit as much or as little time as they like.
  7. Why should I provide my demographics information?
    Xpertly is matching professionals based on its proprietary matching algorithm. Hence while the demographics questions are optional, the more information you provide, the better the matches.
  8. When will I hear back about the status of my application?
    We try to give people feedback within three to five business days although the actual time might vary due to the high volume of applications we have been receiving.
  9. What information will be shared during the warm introductions?
    We will share your email address, phone number, professional background and personal interests as indicated by you in your application.
  10. What happens after a warm introduction?
    Once the matched individuals get connected, they will have the discretion to decide how they want to take the conversation from there. Most of our members find it helpful to schedule a phone call or video chat in their first session.
  11. How often can I be introduced to other professionals?
    Once members complete the first session with their advisors, they will have an opportunity to be introduced to other network members.
  12. Can I get rematched with the same person?
    No, but eventually we will give members a few choices so they can decide for themselves which professionals they would like to connect. Connections will be made when there is a mutual interest.
  13. How does Xpertly help diverse professionals?
    During our research we learned that one of the reasons for the low percentage of women in tech is the lack of career mentorship. Other underrepresented minorities face the same hurdle as many of them don’t have access to career advice through their personal networks. As such Xpertly makes it easy for diversity candidates to network with professionals who might be a few more years ahead of them and can offer tips and insights into helping them map out their career paths and advance their careers.
  14. How does Xpertly help improve workplace diversity?
    We believe that a culture of inclusivity in the workplace is as important as recruiting diverse talents. That’s why we want to start by helping professionals connect with diverse individuals on a peer/advisor/mentor level.Join us and engage in the effort to make our workplaces more inclusive and our world a more compassionate place.