Non-Silo Mentality

Non-Silo Mentality I am totally missed about writing something, not to write an email, life status, input forms or coding. I just want to write. Writing today is about being a silo person. What is silo? and why do i need to bother? So, i got a feedback that I have silo personality. Not one person […]

Destroying Workplace Silos: The First Step to Ultimate Collaboration

The Silo Mentality has definitely had its day in the sun. But, it is my sincere hope that the sun is setting on such an antiquated business model. The idea of “yours” vs. “mine” in terms of information, best practices, accounts or prospects seems counter-productive in the workplace. Silos discourage communication and collaboration among teams. Furthermore, they […]

How to Improve Your Networking Skills

Networking is a really scary thing for many people. The idea of talking to strangers can be really daunting. But it is very useful for you to learn to enjoy it as there is always something you can learn from others. No matter how smart or talented you are as an individual, you can’t or […]

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