We know you love hiring people through referrals. Our analytics based approach refers hi-quality candidates who are already looking to work at your organization.

Data Driven Leads

For recruiters looking to hire people from diverse backgrounds, we offer an easy solution to connect to our public database of professionals interested in getting hired. We also provide a quality score that is in aggregated score of how peers view the candidate.

  • When members join they share if they are interested in new opportunities
  • We use a mix of networking feedback and machine learning based matching to find you the best candidates
  • Hiring candidates from diverse backgrounds is easy with Xpertly

Natural Intros to Candidates

We believe that hiring is a people based activity and we facilitate natural introductions between hi-caliber candidates and recruiters. Recruiters have a tough job trying to filter through active and passive candidates. We help you reduce time to hire by finding you the right candidate.

  • Easily share your candidate profile, and let our algos do the magic
  • Once we identify good candidates for your roles, we do natural email intros
  • We also share analytics about demand for your posted roles